Here’s How To Keep Your Lincoln Home Warm This Winter!

As another Nebraskan winter approaches, many homeowners are beginning
to feel the effects of the cold and hoping their home’s roofing,
siding, and windows are ready to face the cold winds and snow.  Winter
is coming soon and with it an increasing gas bill. Nebraskan
homeowners know that winter is the most important season to keep your
home in top shape tier shape. It is the most important season to keep
your family warm but often comes at the expense of your wallet.
However, have no fear there are many ways to save money and keep your
home warm and toasty this winter.

It makes no difference if you are planning on remodeling,
refurbishing, or simply trying to save a few bucks, reducing heat loss
is one of the biggest factors to consider when it comes to helping
your home stay warmer for less. The more heat loss you have in your
home the more energy and money you will waste. Heat escapes the
majority of homes in three major areas: roof, windows, and doors. Both
doors and windows have easy fixes, whereas roof heat leakage can be a
bit tricky.

Door Heating Solutions

For doors, the best solution is to simply have airtight
carpet in order to block the cold air from seeping in. That way when
your door is closed it will not loss hot air all day long.

Window Heating Solutions

For windows, the best solution is to cover and seal cracks between the window
frames and surrounding walls. A homeowner could also use cocking,
sealant, or putty to close the gaps. Another clever fix for windows is
to simply use curtains. Curtains can be great at preventing heat loss.
Thermal and heavy curtains can act as an extra layer of insulation
which helps keep the warm air in and keep out the cold from seeping
through the windows.

Roofing Solutions For Winter

As stated before roof heat leakage can be a bit more tricky. Roof heat
leakage can also lead to other problems such as snow build up and ice
walls. These can lead to water damage to your home’s roof, walls, and
insulation. However, there are a number of steps you can take to beat
this challenge and solve your heat loss problem —

5 Easy Steps To Keep Your Home Warm and Prevent Snow And Ice Build Up Before Winter Strikes.

1. First, look in your attic and make sure that there are no gaps left
in your insulation. Also, check all the places where hot air could leak
up into your attic. Try and plug these gaps so that hot air does not
seep up into your attic. Your attic should act as a buffer between
your home and outside.

2. Second, simply cover your attic hatchway or door. The best way to
do this is with some stiff polystyrene insulation. If you do not have
this, perhaps try to cover it with a mattress.

3. Third, ensure that your attic is properly ventilated and that you
have sufficient insulation to prevent further ice dams from forming
from the warmer attic air.

4. Fourth, when spring and summer seasons come around be sure to
re-shingle parts of your roof and place ice and warm barriers under
your new shingles to stop warm from leaking into your attic in the

5. Finally, it is always smart to install a snow melting system in
your roof. These normally are made by using heated wires or plates
that prevent ice from forming and also help to melt the snow and ice
more quickly.


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