When you are looking for a roofing contractor, it’s important to remember they are not just installing a roof, they’re protecting your family.  A quality roofing contractor will protect your home and family with a professionally installed roof as well as valid insurance in-case of any issues.  Many companies appear to be offering value prices but with further investigation, may be putting you at grave risk. Below are 6 great questions to ask when considering a quality roofing contractor in Lincoln NE.

1) Are you licensed?   

 Insist to get a copy of a valid license for the state they will be doing the work in.  Often times when a large storm happens, companies will send their workers from states away to do the work.  When you work with Welter Construction we are rooted in Nebraska, based out of Lincoln and will be here long after the roof is installed.

2) Do you have workers comp insurance for every worker?

Some contractors try to fly under the radar and save money by putting the liability on your back (your homeowners insurance).  If someone is injured on the job, your insurance company may be paying for the medical bills and any lawsuit. Insist to get a copy of the valid workers comp insurance certificate. A roof repair quote may come in cheap because the company is not paying for their workers comp insurance.  They pass the savings on to you and also pass the large liability as well. Welter has workman comp insurance for every foot that steps on your property.

3) Do you carry valid general liability insurance?

While workers comp covers the people working on your house, general liability insurance covers your actual property.  Don’t take any contractors word for it, insist to get a valid copy of their general liability insurance . If they do not provide one, it is too risky and you should pass on that contractor.  We carry general liability insurance to protect your home.

4) What is the bad weather plan?

Roofing contractors often have to work around weather such as rain, wind, and storms. What is the plan if there is bad weather?  Does the team secure your property and keep it protected until the weather passes?  Be sure to get in writing what the plan of action is if there is bad weather during the roofing job.

5) Do you have a local phone number and address?

Is the roofing contractors home office within 50 miles of your home?  If not, they will not be there take care of any warranty or repair issues in the future.   It’s smart to choose local. Welter Construction has an office right in Lincoln Nebraska.

6)  Do you provide a written estimate?

Getting a new roof installed in Lincoln NE means you will be walking into a contract.  Be sure you get the details of the contract in writing with the validation of insurance (comp and liability), valid license and proof their office is permanent and located near Lincoln NE or the surrounding cities.  

These 6 simple questions can help you save thousands of dollars and prevent hours of project delay. Welter Contracting not only automatically provides each of these details, but will go the extra mile to ensure your home and family are protected for many years to come.  We are experts in storm restoration,  CLICK to learn more.   Take a moment to read our third party reviews HERE.  Contact us online for a FREE fast quote.

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