As the hot summer days come to a peak, it’s important to be aware of debris in your gutters. Leaves and sticks can be a culprit to a much more significant issue: gutter fires. Over the fall and winter, uncollected leaves from gutters decompose into smaller particles. When spring comes, these particles dry out and become flammable. Over the hot summer months, light can reflect off roof flashing into the gutters, creating a possibly catastrophic situation. Gutter fires can start even from the tiniest barbeque or firework ember. Keeping your gutters clear during all seasons, especially summer, will prevent you from having to call the fire department.

If the gutters on your house are too far away to reach, installing gutter guards is always an option. Gutter guards protect your gutter from filling up with leaves, sticks, and dirt while allowing the water to properly drain away from the house. When caring for your gutters, it is key that you keep them clean and clear during all seasons to prevent fires from happening.

It is always recommended that you call a professional for any work on your home.  Don’t take a risk of getting on a ladder, it’s not worth it.  If you have questions about your gutters, siding or roof, give us a call.  We are your trusted local Nebraska exterior contractors.  (531) 201-7734