Think about it, your roof is there to protect all the valuables in your home.   Unidentified issues can allow water to creep in and create significant damage right under your nose. Often times it can take months before you notice dripping or spot moist areas on your ceiling.  In the meantime mold, rot and structure damage may be occurring. We have put together a list of the Top 5 signs that you may be in need of roof repair. The sooner you can catch these issues, the easier and more cost effective the roof repair can be.  Our team has been inspecting and repairing roof issues for many years and have a rock solid track record to prove it.

1) Dark Streaks and Stains.
If you notice dark streaks and/or stains on your ceiling or on the walls, your roof is likely leaking and moisture is compromising the interior of your home.  Also, if your home has an air conditioning unit in the attic, this may be a culprit of a water leak as well. The condenser drip pan could be defective, preventing the water from flowing out.  We can help with an attic inspection which will reveal what’s really going on.

2)  Leaks and Water Damage
Leaks and water damage are the easiest to spot.  But, once you are able to see water in the ceiling or coming down the wall, there is already significant damage.  It’s important to have the issue identified and repaired.  

3) Shingle granules in the gutter and downspout
The granules on shingles help keep the UV rays from damaging the shingle’s asphalt coating. The shingle’s asphalt coating is comparable to sunscreen.  When the coating begins to dissipate the roof’s top layer, you are at risk of greater water damage and roof decay.

4) Flashing Damage
Flashing is the metal found on roofs near chimneys and other vents or stacks.  These are the areas of culprit when it comes to leaks. There are several reasons flashing may be leaking.  We can help you get to the bottom of the problem and fix it fast.

5) Age of roof more than 20 years old
While some may say being 20 years old is the perfect age, that is not the case for a roof.  Shingles on roofs begin to break down around 12-15 years and become less effective in holding out the elements.  Over time shingles become brittle and develop hairline cracks.

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